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  • 10 de març de 2021
  • 10h45 - 12h
  • Altafulla
  • 35€/mes

Encetem una nova temporada amb una classe més a la nostra graella d'activitats. La novetat és una classe de Ioga Integral en Anglès, impartida per la Karen Mallison.

Tot un repte, t'animes?

Aquesta classe va dirigida a persones de parla anglesa, que vulguin aprofundir l'aprenentatge del Ioga Integral. També a aquelles persones que ja comprenen l'idioma i vulguin seguir la classe en anglès.


Practising yoga and meditation regularly has allowed me to re-connect with myself, my body and understand my mind.  In the beginning my mat was my refuge, a place to escape to, to disassociate with what was happening externally in my work and home life. This was time just for me.


As my relationship with yoga has evolved, I continue to value my practice (Sadhana), it is now part of my daily life; mantra, meditation, pranayama, whether I choose more gentle or dynamic asana, or not at all. Every time I step onto the mat the experience is different.


That’s the wonderful thing about yoga. It’s about our own personal experience.


This is something that I aim to bring to the class when I am teaching. I try to teach a very rounded class that leaves students feeling nourished – physically, mentally, and emotionally. I like to focus on my students and how they are responding to the yoga postures, to ensure the class meets the individual needs of each student giving them time and space for their own reflection.


I am teaching an Integral Yoga class in English on Wednesdays at Alnatur in Altafulla, Catalonia. @alnaturaltafulla 📞 977651549

If you can’t make the class in person, come and join me online via ZOOM?


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